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Read My Lips: Lipstick Shades to Rock Every Moment

    When it comes to lipstick, I think most of us can agree that some shades stay stowed away in our makeup drawers until that perfect occasion comes along. We here at YENSA Beauty have carefully formulated our new Silk Vibrant Lipsticks down to 5 multi-tasking shades for a comfortable, everyday wear!     Here’s a little guide to help you choose the perfect shade for those daily occasions:       FREE SPIRIT- Your daily dose of soft glam. Looking for a neutral shade to add some zest to your daily “no makeup” makeup look? You’ve come to the...
Visiting LA? Check Out These Hidden Gems!

Visiting LA? Check Out These Hidden Gems!

  Whether you're a golden state local or just visiting the grand city of Los Angeles, let the YENSA Beauty team be your travel guide! Below are some team-picked favorites that are...