Read My Lips: Lipstick Shades to Rock Every Moment

March 10, 2021

Read My Lips: Lipstick Shades to Rock Every Moment



When it comes to lipstick, I think most of us can agree that some shades stay stowed away in our makeup drawers until that perfect occasion comes along. We here at YENSA Beauty have carefully formulated our new Silk Vibrant Lipsticks down to 5 multi-tasking shades for a comfortable, everyday wear!  


Here’s a little guide to help you choose the perfect shade for those daily occasions:


 free spirit

FREE SPIRIT- Your daily dose of soft glam.

Looking for a neutral shade to add some zest to your daily “no makeup” makeup look? You’ve come to the right place! The great thing about a nude lip is that you can pair it with a bold, smoky eye or smooth on a fresh layer to compliment your [maybe] mascara-only [maybe] shimmery-esque lid.

If you’re wondering when to wear nude lipstick, the answer is anytime!



CONFIDENCE- Crushing that job interview.

As you may already know, first impressions are everything— especially for that dream job interview you’ve spent countless hours preparing for. A little beauty tip that applies for all professional or work-related occasions is to always stay within 2-3 shades darker than your natural lip color. This will enhance the natural color of your lips while still showcasing a subtle glam moment.  

While you’re sitting in your car going over some potential interview questions, throw on a smooth layer of the shade Confidence for that little pop of color to keep you looking fresh and, well… confident! Now go kill that interview like the YENSA muse you are.



NOBLE- Friday night out with the girls.

Getting glammed up for a girl’s night out? Make sure you reach for that YENSA Silk Vibrant Lipstick in the shade Noble! A sophisticated dusty mauve lip is the perfect touch to a sophisticated, yet flirty look. You can thank us later!



FIRE- Cueing a little romance.

It’s a makeup essential to own a gorgeous red lipstick… and we know just the occasion! Whether it’s a first date with the guy you met on Hinge or your weekly date night with the hubby, a bold red lip is sure to crush that first impression and sweep your partner off their feet.



CHARM- Blissful days in the sun.

Can you believe it’s already March? We’re finally starting to see some much-needed sunshine! This calls for bright colors, short sleeves and a pop of pink lipstick to boost your mood brighter than those warm rays. We’ve carefully formulated the shade Charm to keep you feeling youthful and fun all summer long.




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