Visiting LA? Check Out These Hidden Gems!

February 24, 2021

Visiting LA? Check Out These Hidden Gems!


Whether you're a golden state local or just visiting the grand city of Los Angeles, let the YENSA Beauty team be your travel guide! Below are some team-picked favorites that are sure to make your time on the West Coast the most memorable (and Instagram-worthy!) trip yet.

  Pasta Sisters. Image retrieved via

A classic LA food gem is Pasta Sisters! It's in Culver City and they make freshly made pasta for only under $15. Must try! A personal favorite is their Tagliatelle pasta, but they are honestly all absolutely amazing. They have special dishes available on weekends too!



Vista Hermosa Park. Photo by Tom Lamb. Image retrieved via

Vista Hermosa Park:
Go to parks! There’s so many to choose from, but one of our favorites is Vista Hermosa Park, because there is such a great view of the skyline and it makes me feel like you’re in New York. 


Such a peaceful, beautiful place to walk through. Truly makes you feel like you’re in Europe!

 Bradbury Building. Image credit: Tom Bricker

To take sophisticated Instagram-worthy photos. It has dark academia vibes!


The Last Bookstore. Image credit: Tom Bricker

If you’re looking for a spot to snap some cute photos, don’t miss out on experiencing The Last Bookstore. It's housed in an old bank building, and they shelve the crime thrillers in the old vault. It also includes small local businesses and tattoo parlor inside as well.

 The Griffith Observatory- image retrieved via Wikipedia

Not so hidden, but definitely a must-see! The place is super romantic and has a beautiful overlook of Downtown LA. And the museum is free!
The Korean Bell image credit to Michael Mcleod 
The Korean Bell is a gorgeous structure, sent to the US as a gift from South Korea in the 70s. It has amazing designs representing the Korean zodiac, and the park it sits in overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Watts Towers photo retrieved via
Created by Simon Rodia— it’s like a giant mosaic sculpture made of found objects. It’s has very interesting local community history and is a cultural landmark.


Will Rogers Hiking Trail in Pacific Palisades

You can’t visit LA without going on a scenic hike! Will Rogers Hiking Trail is beautiful canyon trail that leads you all the way up to Inspiration Point where there are vast views of the ocean— not to mention its shaded most of the way up!
Address: 1501 Will Rogers State Park Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. Phone: (310) 230-2017

 B & J Nails

B & J Nails:
Recommended by our founder and CEO herself, Jennifer Yen says that she has been going here for years! This won't be your fancy nail salon, but this place is inexpensive, fast and gets the job done!
11663 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Phone: (310) 231-1138

 Photo via Holy Coffee Grounds Coffee & Team

Close to Cal State LA, this hidden gem is one to put on your bucket list! If their amazing coffee and coffee cake weren't enough, they also have a unique outdoor patio that makes you feel at home. And pre-COVID they regularly host community events, artist showcases, open mics, live music and comedy shows. 
Located at 5371 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032 Phone: (323) 222-8884



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