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Aja White - The Survivor

March 08, 2019

Aja White - The Survivor
Aja White - A Survivor, a Beauty Influencer and Social Media Content Creator.  Aja started her Youtube beauty channel in 2016 uses her platform of 20k followers to promote positive thinking while inspiring others to feel beautiful in their own skin and push through their struggles. As a foster child until the age of 17, Aja had to find her strength within herself to grow from her hardships and push past the negativity in order to overcome her own struggles. Aja White is now an unbelievably strong woman, mother, and wife who is unapologetically herself who encourages others on her platform to do the same.  It is her strength and hard work that motivated and helped Aja to overcome her obstacles and find her yen.
To learn more about how Aja #LivesHerYen, watch here, and stay tuned for tomorrow to see how The Performer, Jana Kramer, lives hers!
Written by: Haley Gaydos



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