8 Ways to Apply BC Foundation

May 21, 2019

8 Ways to Apply BC Foundation

We know everyone has their favorite foundation application methods, but we thought we might share some for those who want to try something new! Here are 8 quick and easy ways to put on our favorite YENSA BC Foundation!


Dampened Beauty Sponge
For a natural, medium to full coverage finish, run your beauty sponge under warm water and wring out all the excess.  Next, make sure to pat the sponge on your face, essentially pressing the product into your skin rather than rubbing it. Voila! You’re glowing.
Dry Beauty Sponge
Maybe less popular, but still worth mentioning.  For an extreme full coverage look, you can use a dry beauty sponge and pat the product into your skin that way.  This will give much more coverage than a dampened sponge.
Stipple Brush
This will give you a lighter coverage airbrushed look.  Stipple brushes are great to use for liquid or cream foundations because the finer fibers on the brush allow for a very natural application, great for everyday!
A great way to apply BC Foundation is by using what your mama gave you! Just be sure to pat the product into your skin rather than rub.
Buffing Brush
For a full coverage look, you can use a dense buffing brush to apply BC Foundation.  Just buff it into your skin and enjoy the flawless, full-coverage, but natural result!
Concealer Brush
Did you know you can use BC Foundation to conceal those annoying monthly breakouts too? Just spot conceal with a tiny concealer brush to cover up any redness!
Contour Brush
Its liquid contour season! For a glowing and dewy contour, consider going a shade or two up from your normal BC Foundation shade, and use it to contour your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and forehead.
Flat Kabuki Brush
Flat top brushes with soft fibers allow for streak-free application without absorbing much product.  That being said, you are able to get that killer coverage (without streakiness) every time!
There are endless ways to use YENSA BC Foundation, and this is only 8 of them! What tips do you have on applying foundation? What is your favorite method?
Written by: Haley Gaydos


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  • Addie: June 10, 2019

    I love to apply it qith my fingets. Better coverage in my opinion and i don’t waste ANY product on the sponge or a brush.

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