8 Steps to Your Self Care Routine

June 12, 2019

8 Steps to Your Self Care Routine
Happy National Loving Day! Today (and everyday) is all about self love.  Here are some steps and tips I like to do for an at home spa/self love routine.  
Step 1: Wind Down!
I know for me, after a long day of work or being out, I like to come home and right away put on a comfy pair of clothes or pajamas.  After this, I tidy up a bit and allow myself about 30 minutes to read, watch an episode of a show that I am watching, or finish up any tasks around the house that I need to do.  
Step 2: Light Some Candles/Turn On Your Essential Oil Diffuser
You know, to set the relaxation/self care tone.
Step 3: Hair Mask.
I love to throw in a hair mask before taking a bath or shower so that my hair feels extra soft when I am done! There are tons of hair masks on the market that have different instructions, so just be sure to read them first so that you know how long to leave it in and whether you have to apply it to wet or dry hair.
Step 4: Bath Time!
Ahhh, the most relaxing step of them all! I love to take baths to relax my muscles after a long day, or even on a Sunday morning just to set the tone for the day.  Throw in some natural bath salts, a bath bomb, or some bubble bath to take it to the next level.
Step 5: Face Mask.
I love testing out new face masks every once in a while, but I always go back to the YENSA PUMPKIN TURMERIC 2-in-1 RADIANCE POLISHING MASK.  I like to use this because you apply it to dry, clean skin and let it sit for five to ten minutes to absorb the nutrients. Afterwards, you are supposed to rub it into your skin and then rinse.  This is a way to multitask - exfoliating while also allowing for a boost of collagen and soothing properties.
Step 6: Self Tan or Moisturize.
I opt to use a high quality self tanner to give myself a boost of confidence.  This is also a great substitute for tanning rather than tanning beds or baking out in the sun, as we already know these two options come with great risks for you skin and health.  If you don’t like to tan or are already tan, then definitely take this time to moisturize your entire body so that you feel super silky soft.
Step 7: Make Yourself a Cup of Tea/Your Favorite Drink
I love tea to help me relax and wind down. There are so many different kinds of teas for different moods/uses.  
Step 8: Settle In For The Night, Or Get Ready For The Day!
I like to normally do my self love routine at night since it relaxes me, but this can also be used in the morning to get a relaxing start to your day before it starts!
When do you like to do your self love activities and what are some of your at home spa tips?
Written by: Haley Gaydos



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