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SuperOils To Save Your Lips!

January 19, 2022

SuperOils To Save Your Lips!
Are your lips craving products that will help keep them moisturized, nourished and soft all day long? Our SuperOils infused products are here to the rescue! 
A semi-glossy lipstick that glades on to provide vibrant, high pigment color in one swipe. This lipstick provides long lasting color, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and is extremely comfortable on the lips. 
A tinted lip oil that provides mega moisture, a lightweight nourishing shine and gorgeous color in just swipe.
Each of these products are formulated with our 8 SuperOils Blend to provide graceful aging moisturization for your lips: 
Coconut Oil - Helps improve elasticity and collagen production
Vitamin E Oil - Provides moisture to deeply nourish dry or irritated skin
Rice Bran Oil - Promoted hydration to keep lips feeling comfortable all day long
Avocado Seed Oil - Replenishes chapped skin and protects against skin damage
Carrot Seed Oil - Has antimicrobial properties and improves skin health
Chia Seed Oil - Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and restores moisture
Black Sesame Seed Oil - Combats skin cell oxidation and prevents appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
Flaxseed Oil - Has anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe dry skin and irritated skin



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