More Collagen, Less Wrinkles!

January 21, 2021

More Collagen, Less Wrinkles!



If you’re familiar with YENSA Beauty, then you know that we’re all about feeding your skin the good stuff. Throughout our blog's journey, we’ve touched on essential superfoods that nourish the skin’s health, products that aid in anti-aging and much, much more.  Today, we want to fill you on the ultimate beauty secret that can help you achieve and maintain firm, glowing skin. YENSA muses, meet collagen!


Collagen is theoretically the glue that holds your body together. It’s earned the title of being the most abundant protein found in several connective tissues such as your bones, hair, skin, ligaments and so on.


Remember when you were in your 20’s and were care (and wrinkle) free? This was a time when your body was naturally producing the most collagen in order to keep your skin feeling and looking its best. As you age, your connective tissues start to lack in the collagen department and your skin becomes less elastic and more vulnerable to damage. Did we mention that your hair starts to lose its color and strength as well? No thanks!


Lucky for us, it’s not too late to hop on the collagen train even after our body has called it quits. You can help your connective tissues pick up with slack by eating natural sources of nutrients that aid in collagen production such as eggs, fish, animal proteins, vitamin C, sesame seeds, dairy, etc. Lay low on foods that can prevent collagen’s ability to repair itself such as sugar and refined carbs. Another option that you can turn to is supplements and powders— but as with any new product that is going to affect your body, do your research. Better to be safe and glowing than sorry…and, well… not glowing!


The downside of collagen is that it can’t be absorbed through the skin. Skincare products that promote collagen in their formula essentially act as a moisturizer whereas the collagen will sit on the skin’s surface due to its molecular structure being too large.


Given this useful information, we will send you off on your new— or existing— collagen journey! Thank you for glowing with YENSA Beauty.  



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