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October 07, 2018



YENSA is creating a new era of beauty with the #1 Superfood Cosmetic combining high performance benefits and treatment benefits to improve skin's texture and appearance over time through the use of superfoods.


The meaning behind the name “YENSA”


YENSA is the meaning of “color and face” in Chinese.

YEN in english is “passion and desire” and is the motto behind Jennifer Yen sharing the beauty and spirit of her heritage. She encourages to #liveyouryen 


YENSA promises


  • Scientific research + consumer user tested
  • Skincare + color for everyday beauty ritual
  • Strong focus on complexion correction
  • Modern and high tech manufacturing
  • 8 superfoods + Asian Rituals
  • Ingredients from nature
  • High Performance
  • Graceful Aging


After giving birth and running a business as a single mother, Founder Jennifer Yen struggled with exhaustion and problematic skin once again. She quickly nourished her body and skin with the power of Superfoods, used by generations of women in her family and always believing that "outer beauty mirrors inner health". 

"Asian beauty rituals and superfoods are not researched for 10 or 15 years, rather they have been and used by generations of women for over 5000 years and what's better than beauty secrets that have been time tested for this long?"

Each YENSA product is infused with 8 Superfoods to inspire people to face the world with confidence and to live their yen.


How do you live your yen?
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