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How to Wear a Bold Lip Color

January 06, 2021

How to Wear a Bold Lip Color



We all know that wearing a bold lipstick outside of the nude realm can be pretty intimidating at first. We’ve all been there! Here’s the thing, as with anything in life, confidence is the main key to rocking that shade that’s been sitting in your makeup cabinet dying to make an appearance. Though, there are some helpful tips and tricks that you can do to conquer and slay that statement lip color like the YENSA muse you are. Here’s how:


1. Keep those lips HYDRATED.


Number one golden rule for life (and lips!)— always stay hydrated. Drinking enough water and keeping your lips moisturized with your favorite balm is of the upmost importance when taking on a bold lip color. A smooth and supple surface is the perfect canvas for that gorgeous shade to shine like its best self.


Tip: Check out our holy grail Super 8 Lip Oil in the shade Clear Path— a lip oil made with our 8 SuperOil blend to provide mega moisture, a lightweight nourishing shine, and gorgeous even color in just one swipe.


 2. Exfoliate… and then exfoliate again.


Pause! Before you apply your shade, grab a gentle exfoliator and scrub the surface of your lips to remove any flaky skin in order to smooth out the texture and give your lips a little wake up call. If you don’t have a lip exfoliant handy, simply grab a damp toothbrush and lightly brush over the surface.


 3. Pick your poison [shade].


We’re all different in our own beautiful, unique and exceptional way. When it comes to picking a bold shade, not every color is going to look as stunning on you as it does your best friend— and vice versa! But get this, that’s totally OK. Not all shades compliment all skin tones.


Don’t be afraid to get something different and shine in your own way.


Tip: For cooler skin tones, shades of pinks and blues tend to be your ideal match. For more neutral skin tones, try rocking warmer shades like oranges and reds.


 4. Lip liner is always a good idea.


For a more defined look, consider applying a lip liner to the outer edges of your natural lip crease. This will give the illusion of bigger, more supple lips as well as a clean and polished finish!


5. Conceal and correct.


Mistakes are bound to happen when you’re dealing with a bold shade of lipstick. There’s certainly no need to fear, that’s what Q-tips are for! Any slips or smudges can easily be fixed with a damp Q-tip and your favorite shade of concealer. Simply grab a flat concealer brush and carefully tidy up any smudged areas around your lip to create a crisp finish.  


Tip: Let our Skin-on-Skin BC Concealer help you perfect any look for a flawless, full coverage finish.


Now rock that bold lip and don't forget to #liveyouryen! 



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