Get Zoom Ready In 3 Steps

August 07, 2020

Get Zoom Ready In 3 Steps

Whether you are having a work meeting or attending school through Zoom, we are all on it for a significant amount of time. Sometimes it can be hard to be motivated to dress up and put makeup on for zoom meetings, but this simple and quick makeup routine is worth it!

1. Perfect Your Base

When you are in a rush or feeling lazy, there is no time for primer. The BC Foundation is BB, CC and full coverage foundation all in one step. If you’re on a time crunch and looking for something that will cover up your imperfections quickly, this is the product you grab.

2. Brighten Your Dark Areas

Odds are you probably are not getting enough sleep these days, and staring at a computer all day doesn’t help those dark circles. The BC Concealer will be your best friend when trying to brighten up those tired looking eyes. Plus, it has age defying properties that work while you are wearing the product

3. Lip Color

Want to know the secret to looking like you put a lot of effort into your makeup look? A lip color. Use one of the 8 shades in our Super 8 Lip Oil to give you a flush of color to your lips. This will make you look more awake, and it will look like you put a lot of care into your appearance.

There you have it #YENSAMuses. The fastest makeup tutorial you have ever seen, and it actually does the job!


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  • Sue Beckett : October 30, 2020

    I want BC foundation BBCC For Calvary foundation eight super blocks SPF 40

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