Get Rid of Dark Circles in Just 3 Easy Steps

February 03, 2021

Get Rid of Dark Circles in Just 3 Easy Steps


Struggle with dark circles? You're not alone! Here are a few easy steps that keep your under eyes looking bright and keep you looking wide awake. 


Step 1:

Go in with your Pink Lotus Peptide Eye Cream. The 8 pink power essence & peptides help renew the look and firmness of the skin

Tip: We recommend dabbing the formula under the eyes with your ring finger to reduce tugging— this creates wrinkles!


Step 2:

Use a color corrector to cancel out the darkness. This is only really necessary if you have some serious dark circles.


Step 3:

Apply and blend in your BC Concealer. This is formulated with 8 skin-loving superfoods to help conceal and heal those under eyes.


Voila! You look wide awake and are ready to take on the day!





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