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Exfoliating and Why It's Important

January 05, 2022

Exfoliating and Why It's Important
If you haven’t started exfoliating your face, it’s never too late! Exfoliating is crucial when it comes to skincare and it makes sure that our skin is performing at its best. Adding this step into your skincare routine helps other skincare products penetrate deeper, removes dead skin cells, unclog pores, evens skin tone and so much more! 
Our favorite Superfood infused product to get the job done is our Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask. This mask will help resurface and polish your skin in only 5-10 minutes with the help of our 8 SuperOrange Essence. 
8 SuperOrange Essence Ingredients:
Pumpkin- Helps produce collagen
Turmeric - Soothes skin
Papaya - Helps with discoloration
Grapefruit - Helps brighten skin
Ginger - Evens skin tone
Carrot - Reduces inflammation in skin
Honey - Retains moisture
Orange - Improves the texture of skin 
How To Use:
Smooth a thin layer on clean, damp skin. Relax and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Gently massage in circular motions with warm water for 30 seconds to exfoliate and then rinse clean. Use 3-4 times a week.
Enjoy your Superfood glow! 



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