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8 Ways to Use Black Sesame Oil

January 11, 2019

8 Ways to Use Black Sesame Oil


Black sesame seeds may be small but they are powerful seeds that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The seeds are packed with vitamins, amino acids, calcium, zinc and minerals, as well with the potent anti-oxidant sesamin. There are many health benefits which include promoting healthy skin and hair, helping bone growth, lowering inflammation, improving the digestive system, maintaining good heart function and lowering inflammation. The healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make sesame a potent ingredient in cosmetics. In the United States the seeds gained name and fame on top of the New York bagel.


Black Sesame Oil


Sesame seeds are extremely nutritious and have a nutty flavor, which make them perfect to add them to your favorite healthy dish. Here are 8 ways to sprinkle black sesame seeds into your meals:


1. Black sesame bagel

What’s better then a plain bagel? A crunchy sesame bagel! Spread your bagel with homemade cream cheese, fresh cucumbers, and tomatoes. Glaze your plain bagel, sprinkle heavily with black sesame seeds to get that extra crispy crunch.


2. Black sesame almond milk

Make a fresh, healthy and vegan alternative to dairy milk at home. Mix two cups of purified water with one cup of black roasted sesame seeds and one cup of organic almond seeds and let it soak overnight in the fridge. In the morning, mix the ingredients in the blender, add some vanilla or honey for extra flavor. Remember black sesame milk is best served cold.


3. Black sesame sushi roll

Give your sushi roll some extra color with black sesame seeds. Let the artist out in you--lay out your white rice on your bamboo mat and sprinkle the black seeds inside and all around the rice. The black and white pattern not only will look good but also adds extra flavor and crunchiness to your sushi roll.


4. Crispy Black sesame broccoli

Spice-up your broccoli dish. Steam, cook or bake your broccoli as desired. Place the broccoli in a frying pan, drizzle with your (coconut) oil and scatter the black sesame over the broccoli.  Finish seasoning with salt and pepper. Two super foods perfectly in harmony to give extra power to your body.


5. Black and white sesame salmon 

This Asian-style salmon recipe will impress your eyes, is easy to make and will stimulate your taste buds. Mix black and white sesame seeds on a surface, press the fresh salmon into the mixture and cook the coated salmon in oil on both sides for 3-4 minutes to your preference. Ready to serve.


6. Black sesame banana smoothie

Let’s start the day with a healthy smoothie. Pop half a peeled banana, one tablespoon of sesame seeds, half a glass of your preferred milk, and blend for two minutes. Pour the smoothie into a tall glass or your thermos to enjoy your powerful smoothie at home or on the go.


7. Black sesame salad dressing

Combine in your blender the ingredients for your home made recipe for salad dressing. Add toasted, crushed sesame seeds, blend and let the dressing set in the refrigerator. Indulge in your salad with this nutty flavored, delicious salad dressing.


8. Black sesame fries

Surprise your guests with this sweet and spicy version of fries. Slightly peel your potatoes, cut them into your desired shape and thickness. Wash them in a bowl of water and damp dry with a paper towel. Toss your fries in your mixture of olive oil, sesame seeds and extra spices. Fry or bake your fries to crispy perfection. Best dipped in delicious mayonnaise. Enjoy!


Enjoy the crispy powers of the ‘superblack’ Sesame seeds and let us know your favorite way to incorporate sesame seeds in your daily recipes.


Written by: Jan de Gols



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