8 Things to NEVER do During Lunar New Year

February 05, 2019

8 Things to NEVER do During Lunar New Year


By Haley Gaydos


Just like the holidays in any culture, the Chinese culture has their own traditions for their new year celebration.  Some are super unique and interesting, and some superstitions determine the luck you will have for the rest of the year! Here are 8 things you should never do during the Spring Festival!  


Lend Money

It is believed that if you lend or borrow money or any other items during the Lunar New Year, it represents an economical loss for the rest of the year.


No Medicine

You should not take medicine during the Lunar New Year because it is said that you will be sick for the rest of the year to come. So unless you have to, (your health comes first) avoid medicine, doctors, shots, and surgery, too! 


No Sharp Objects

Scissors, needles, knives, nope! Sharp objects are said to cut your stream of success! Wait until after Chinese New Year to get that haircut.


Watch Your Words!

You should pay close attention to the words you are saying during Lunar New Year and make sure they do not have a negative connotation.  Words like death, kill, break, sickness, poverty, etc. are all said to bring misfortune into the new year.


Crying Child

Parents do whatever it takes to keep their babies calm because crying is said to bring bad luck to the entire family.


Married Daughters Returning Home

A married daughter returning home to her family on the first day of the new year is believed to bring poverty to her whole side of the family! Daughters are expected to visit their family on the second day.


No Naps

Do not take a nap on New Year’s Day - it is believed that you will be lazy and lethargic for the rest of the year!


No Sweeping or Taking Out the Trash!

Similar to the taboo that you should never use scissors and other sharp objects during the first day of Lunar New Year, you would be sweeping away your luck and fortune if you sweep during.


What are some of your favorite superstitions during Lunar New Year?



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