8 Things To Do While You're Wearing Your Pumpkin Mask

February 21, 2020

8 Things To Do While You're Wearing Your Pumpkin Mask

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good mask. YENSA is all about multi-tasking, so we’ve come up with 8 things our #YENSAMuses can do while wearing our PUMPKIN TURMERIC 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask. After all, when you feel your best self, you’re the most productive.

1. Take A Shower 

One of our favorite places to put on a mask - the shower! The steam will open up your pores and really purify your skin.

2. Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show 

Sometimes doing nothing is still being productive. Don’t forget to let yourself rest often.

3. Cook A Meal

Whether you’re in a rush in the morning, or can’t wait to eat dinner cooking while you have a mask on is a great form of multitasking. I mean, what’s better than having food ready right after washing off your mask?

4. Paint Your Nails

The ultimate pampering session, we love it!

5. Take A Bath

If you’re in the mood to relax, wind down in a nice warm bath. Put some cucumber slices on your eyes and call it a night!

6. Post On Your Insta Story Or Feed

We love seeing our #YENSAMuses on social media! Make sure to tag us so we can connect and get to know more of you beauties.

7. Get To Work

Whether it’s checking emails, catching up on some reading, or taking a call, this will prove it’s possible to work while relaxing.

8. Bonding Session With Your Girls

Because nothing brings friends together more than a masking session.



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