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The Story Behind Yensa

After founder Jennifer Yen gave birth, her health and complexion took a serious hit. Juggling running a business as a single mother, she became determined to heal herself through revisiting the superfood lifestyle her own mother lived and breathed by. Before long, the integration of superfoods into her life nourished Jennifer back to health. Her lackluster and depleted complexion was promptly restored to one that glowed--from the inside out.

Inspired by her belief in the power of Superfoods, used by generations of women in her family, YENSA embraces the diversity in beauty today and empowers women to live their YEN (Passion & Desire). We believe outer beauty mirrors inner health.  With Superfood powered ingredients, YENSA’s skin perfecting products will deliver a gorgeous and smooth photo finish on and off camera, enabling you to love the skin you’re in and to face the world with confidence.  

"I chose “YENSA”, meaning “color and face” in Chinese and “YEN” meaning “passion and desire” in English to empower women to put their best face forward and to live their YEN."


Live Your Yen,

Jennifer Yen Signature


The Meaning of Yen


CHINESE: Color & Face

ENGLISH: Deep Desire & Passion

VIETNAMESE: Calm & Peaceful