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Your New Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine

December 08, 2021

Your New Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine
With the cold wintertime season approaching, unfortunately, so does drier and more irritated skin. Luckily, here at YENSA, we have the perfect nighttime skincare routine to make sure that your skin stays healthy and hydrated during these winter months! 
CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil
Wash the day away with our dual makeup remover and cleanser! This product is infused with CBD and 8 SuperOils that nourish, soften and cleanse your skin without stripping it of its essential moisture. 
8 SuperOils:
CBD Oil - Rich in antioxidant properties to help keep skin looking younger and more hydrated
Black Sesame Seed Oil - Combats skin cell oxidation and prevents appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Black Cumin Oil - Rich in anti-inflammatory properties to naturally fight acne, clogged pores and inflammation 
Chia Seed Oil - Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and restores moisture
Broccoli Seed Oil - Rich in omega-6 and omega-9 to calm sensitive skin while not clogging pores
Carrot Seed Oil - Rich in Vitamins A & E to help heal dry skin
Grape Seed Oil - Helps even out skin tone by protecting against sun damage and hyperpigmentation
Flaxseed Oil - Has anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe dry and irritated skin
CBD Superfood Face Oil 
Follow up with our Superfood infused Face Oil! This product deeply nourishes, moisturizes and relieves the skin. Our 8 SuperOil ingredients also help reduce redness, improve skin rejuvenation and fights against acne and clogged pores. 
Massage 3-4 drops over the face, neck or areas of the body as needed for relief and care. For best results, use daily.
Pink Lotus Peptide Renewal Eye Cream 
A renewal eye cream formulated with 8 Power Pink Essence and peptides to help restore the look of fitness, fine lines and wrinkles.
8 Power Pink Essence:
Pink Lotus - Penetrates skin to plump and soothe
Peony - Protects skin from free radical damage caused by UV radiation
Rose - Provides long-lasting hydration
Cherry Blossom - Repairs skin’s natural barriers to promote smooth, supple skin
Acerola Cherry - Promotes skin elasticity 
Camellia - Provides skin protection and moisturizing properties 
Korean Black Raspberry - Loaded with antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent infection
Pomegranate - Contains natural antimicrobials from Vitamin C, helping your skin to fight bacteria 
Pink Lotus Peptide Renewal Face Cream
The last product of your routine that truly does it all! This product is infused with 8 PowerPink Essence to help achieve your Superfood glow. Our Face Cream is an ultra-hydrating cream formula that helps visibly firm the skin, decrease puffiness, brightens complexions and repairs skin’s natural barriers to promote a smooth, supple surface.



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