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8 YENSA Products You Need This Summer!

    Are you looking for some new products to incorporate into your skincare and makeup routine? Well we have just the products for you! Let’s get into it!   1.Tone Up Primer Essential Glow  With the summertime, comes hot weather and nobody wants their makeup melting off their face! Our Tone Up Primer Essential Glow is the perfect solution for keeping your makeup in tact. This lightweight formula helps minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking flawless. 2.Skin on Skin BC Foundation Finding a foundation for the summer can be very tricky but luckily...
How Your Skin Changes In The Summer

How Your Skin Changes In The Summer

  With summer swiftly approaching, it’s time to adjust our routines and our products. Although sunshine and high temperatures are a recipe for a great day, we still need to make sure...