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What's in our 8 SuperOils?

As you know by now, YENSA includes 8 powerful superfoods and asian rituals into all of our complexion and skincare products. So, what's in our 8 SuperOils you ask? We're here to give you all the deets!  - What's in the 8 SuperOils? - Coconut Oil ∞ Helps improve elasticity and collagen production Vitamin E Oil ∞ Provides moisture to deeply nourish dry or irritated skin Rice Bran Oil ∞ Promotes hydration to keep lips feeling comfortable all day long Carrot Seed Oil ∞ Has antimicrobial properties and improves skin health Chia Seed Oil ∞ Rich in omega 3 fatty...
The Key To Your Valentine's Heart

The Key To Your Valentine's Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day #YENSAMuses! Whether you have a Valentine, a bunch of Galentine’s or you’re your own Valentine, we know finding the perfect gift can be super hard. Lucky for...