Labor Day Weekend - Team Faves!

September 04, 2020

Labor Day Weekend - Team Faves!

Happy Labor Day Weekend YENSA Muses! 

I’m sure we can all use a vacation right about now...or two... or three. What’s better than a three day weekend? A three day weekend with a sale! Stock up on all your superfood faves, or try something that you’ve been eyeing for a while. Either way, use code LABORDAY for 20% off your entire purchase. Excluding all travel size items, kits and/or bundles. Shop here!

Not sure which items to choose? Read below to find out our team favorites! 

Jennifer - CEO/Founder
"My favorite is the SKIN ON SKIN BC Foundation - balancing work, meetings and assisting my daughter with online classes, I need a product that is functional and multi-tasking and BC foundation gives me beautiful full coverage while taking care of my skin and protecting it with SPF40."

Denise - Brand Manager 

"With being inside so much lately (and not being a fan of the LA summer heat), the Silk Bronzing Base has been my life SAVER because it gives me the perfect natural bronze without needing to be out in the sun. It is light and natural on the skin. I also love using my finger to apply some of the product on my eyelid as a quick wash of natural color without needing eyeshadow."

Juliet - Graphic Designer

"My favorite YENSA product is definitely the Super 8 Lip Oil.  I am obsessed with the texture and shine. It glides on perfectly – it doesn't crease up like a normal lipstick and it isn't sticky or gooey like a normal lipgloss. It is the only product I've tried that gives me the perfect color and moisture in one!"

Ashley - Social Media & Marketing Manager

"I love the Silk Bronzing Base in Sunlit Glow because it is so creamy and blends into the skin so well. Every time I wear this I feel like I just spent an entire day sunbathing at the beach!"

Kimber - Videographer

"My favorite YENSA product is the SKIN ON SKIN BC Foundation because it has the most amazing coverage and finish I've ever seen. I thought I liked what I was using before until I tried this and it was a total game changer."

Catalina - Executive Assistant

"I really like the CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil. I'm a die-hard mascara fan, and this product easily takes off every last bit of eye makeup. Plus, I don't find this formula drying--an important feature for me and my parched complexion, ha!"

Daisy - Graphic Designer

"The Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask is super refreshing and it's my favorite!"

Brooke - Community Management Coordinator

"I absolutely love the SKIN ON SKIN BC foundation. It has such a natural finish with just the right amount of coverage—perfect for my "makeup" no makeup looks!"

Talya - Photographer

 "I love the Super 8 Lip Oil because not only are all the colors gorgeous and pigmented but the oils leave my lips feeling hydrated and soft."




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