How Your Skin Changes In The Summer

June 09, 2021

How Your Skin Changes In The Summer


With summer swiftly approaching, it’s time to adjust our routines and our products. Although sunshine and high temperatures are a recipe for a great day, we still need to make sure we are protecting our skin while enjoying the weather. There are numerous reasons as to why our skin changes during the summertime months and we’re here to let you know why this happens!

Warmer Weather

As incredible as it is to finally be experiencing warm weather, the hot temperatures during these months are one of the main causes of your skin changing during the season. The excess heat during these months increases your sweat production, which leads to a build up of oil, resulting in clogged pores and acne. 


Something I think a lot of people forget about is how strong the chlorine in a pool is. Chlorine is such a powerful disinfectant that when you’re swimming in it, it can open up your pores and strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Make sure you are washing your face immediately after swimming to prevent this! 

Air Conditioning

Staying cool in the summer is a luxury, but did you know that your A.C could be one of the causes of your skin changing? Air Conditioning systems work by removing the moisture in the air and while it can leave us feeling cooled down, it can leave the skin feeling dry, itchy or even flaky. Keep this in mind next time you notice your skin is feeling drier than usual this summer. 

Sun Exposure

As much as getting Vitamin D is important, we also need to make sure we are protecting ourselves as well! Too much sun exposure can lead to dehydrated skin, sunburns, heat rashes, wrinkles, fine lines and more. Make sure you are applying SPF regularly if you will be outside for a prolonged time, your skin will thank you! 

Now that we’ve figured out how our skin can change in the summer, let’s talk about some things that you can ~add~ into your routine this upcoming season!  

Zinc Oxide

Next time you’re sunscreen shopping, Zinc Oxide should be one of the ingredients that you are searching for on the bottle. Zinc Oxide helps protect cells against the harmful UV rays, prevents skin dryness and delays the aging process. YENSA’s BC Skin On Skin Foundation includes this amazing ingredient so check it out so you can be protected and look flawless at the same time this summer! 

Cleansing Oils 

Switch up your skincare routine from a regular cleanser to a cleansing oil. YENSA’s CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil is a product that is a summer essential because it removes your makeup and cleanses your skin without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. This CBD infused product also helps reduce redness, improves skin rejuvenation, fights against acne, helps cell renewal and so much more. 

Avoid Heavy Foundations                          

Try swapping out your heavy foundation for a more lightweight foundation with SPF in it! I highly recommend the YENSA Skin On Skin BC Foundation to be your summertime staple. Not only is this foundation jam packed with 8 Superfoods that help feed your skin while you’re wearing it, it also has SPF 40 in it to protect your skin too! This product will leave your skin looking blurred for a natural summer look! 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a nutrient that your body needs to form collagen, blood vessels and cartilage which is why it’s something that you need to add into your routine, especially in the summer. Luckily, there are many ways we can incorporate Vitamin C into our daily life. 

Serums - Vitamin C serums are used for anti aging, hyperpigmentation, promoting collagen production and more. Simply apply the serum on clean skin and watch how your skin transforms! 

Food - While there are a lot of things that we can do externally, Vitamin C is something that we can also get internally as well. Vitamin C is a water-soluble that’s found in many foods so try nourishing your body with raw fruits and vegetables as often as you can. Broccoli, potatoes, peppers, oranges and strawberries are just some of the many delicious foods that you can start incorporating into your meals!

Masks - Infused with 8 SuperOrange Essences, our Pumpkin Tumeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask is a great way to boost your skin's collagen. This mask not only leaves your skin supple and radiant, but it also boosts collagen, helps with discoloration, brightens the skin, and even your skin tone. Smooth a thin layer on clean, damp skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Once time is up, gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds to exfoliate and then rinse clean. This mask will come in handy this summer!


Have a fun summer but don’t forget to take care of your skin too! 😉






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