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8 Ways To Use YENSA's CBD Superfood Face Oil

July 10, 2020

8 Ways To Use YENSA's CBD Superfood Face Oil

We know that everyone is busy these days, which makes saving time a priority for us all. That is why YENSA makes it a point to create multi-tasking products that knock out a few steps in everyone’s beauty routine. The goal is always to look fabulous, in as little steps as possible.

That’s why we think our #YENSAMuses will love our CBD Superfood Face Oil. Keeping reading for just a few ideas of the many uses you can get from this product.

Use It Alone

This might seem like a no brainer, but it is perfect to apply as a moisturizer. It’s lightweight, but really delivers the long lasting hydration you need.

Mix It In With Your Moisturizer

If you already have your favorite moisturizer, and just need to amp it up a bit, add a few drops of this oil into the mix!

Use It On Your Cuticles

With nail salons not completely open, we’re all struggling to do our nails at home. It’s easy to go too hard on the cuticle cutting, and when that happens your CBD Oil is your best friend. It’ll soothe and moisturize the cuticles for an instant fix.

Use It As A Hair Oil

You weren’t expecting this one were you? But seriously, this is a great lightweight oil to put on the ends of your hair when they need a little love.

Mix It Into Your Face Masks

Whether you’re doing a DIY face mask, or your face mask just needs a little extra plumpness - this is the answer.

Soothe Cuts/Irritated Parts Of Your Body Or Face

With so much time on your hands, you might be experimenting with new beauty routines. This can often lead to some irritation or even some scabbing, depending on what you are testing out. This CBD Oil will soothe any uncomfortable areas.

Mix It Into Your Body Products

With summer finally arriving and us potentially (hopefully) spending more time in the sun, we are going to need all the moisture we can get. Similar to your face moisturizer, drop a few drops into your body moisturizer to get smooth, luscious skin.

Soothe Your Dry Spots 

If you don’t want to mix it in, feel free to just go directly onto the skin with this product. This will moisturize your elbows, knees and any other dry spots we tend to have!

What's your favorite way to use the product? Let us know. 

DISCLAIMER: This product is not to be eaten or digested in any way, shape or form.



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