5 Products You NEED For Halloween 🦇

October 16, 2020

5 Products You NEED For Halloween 🦇

Let’s be real... even if Halloween is cancelled, we’re still going all out with the makeup looks. Are you ready to win best costume over zoom? With these 5 products, you’re sure to have a look to kill. No pun intended 😉

Step One: Prime Your Masterpiece

When you’re creating such an intricate look, you’re going to want to make sure it lasts. The Tone Up Primer Essential Glow will keep your makeup intact all day, while providing a clean, smooth canvas for your art. Trust us, don’t take the risk - the extra step to prime is worth it.

Step Two: Start Off With A Flawless Base

If you’re going in with some heavy eye shadow or lips, you’ll definitely want to have that perfect base to match. It’s no secret that the BC Foundation is our number one best seller. With a killer coverage, flexible formula and lightweight feeling, we’re not surprised.

Step Three: An Extra Layer Of Perfection

Although our BC Foundation provides amazing coverage, sometimes you just want to take an extra step to make sure your skin is primed to perfection. If you’re going for heavy eyes, you’ll want to clean up any excess fall out or any shadows that might have formed under your eyes. The BC Concealer is the perfect contender for this. You could also use this to cover anything up that didn’t get covered from the first layer - if there is anything at all.

Step Four: Seal It With A Kiss

Whether you’re going for a costume with a bold lip, or something a little more subtle, the Super 8 Lip Oil has shades for all. No dry, cracked lips here!

Step Five: Washing It Off

If there’s one thing you take from this, don’t sleep with your makeup on!!! Just as you want to smooth and prime your skin for the makeup look, you want to leave it smooth and flawless after the makeup as well. In order to do this, you’ll have to take off every drop of makeup, paint, glitter, whatever you choose. The CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil will do just that. In just one wash, it will activate the dual phase feature - so you could double cleanse in one step.



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