Questions To Ask A Girl

What were you like when you were a kid?
When was the first time that you had beer?
What happened?
If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it?
What would your dream house be like?
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?
Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?
What last made you laugh?
Spontaneity or stability?
Do you like kids?
What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
What turns you off?
What is your favorite curse word?
What is your full name?
When is your birthday?
Who do you live with?
Do you dream often?

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Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

If you wrote a journal entry about our last date, what would it say?
Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
What do you do for school and work?
What music do you listen to the most?
Do you like to read? If so...favorite book(s)?
Name your 3 closest friends. Which one is your very best friend?
How often do you really "go out"?
Have you ever lost anyone you loved?
What sound or noise do you love?
Ever been in true love?
On a scale of 1-5 how organized are you?
Do you excercise regularly? If so, how often?
What is your zodiac sign?
Have any nick names? If so, what?
Name a couple of T.V. shows you watch a lot?

Good Questions To Ask A Girl

Name a movie or movies you can watch over and over?
Do you have tattoos? If yes, how many and where are they?
Any piercings? If yes, how many and where are they?
Do you have siblings? If so, how many?
Are your parents still together?
What is/was your worst subject in school?
Do you currently play any sports? If so, what?
Do you like to dance?
Name your 2 favorite colors and why?
Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age?
Ever had an imaginary friend as a child?
Ever been skinny dipping?
Did/Do you enjoy highschool for the most part?
Do any drugs? If yes, what?
Do you drink? If yes, how often?
Do you smoke? If yes, how much?
Ever been in a physical fight? If yes how many and who were they with?
Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

Random Questions To Ask A Girl

What's your definition of cheating?
Do you wear pajamas to places other than at your house?
Have you ever stolen anything from a store or from someone?
Ever cheated on a test?
Ever been in any legal trouble?
Do you regret anything?
Name 5 of the most important things in your life?
How many languages can you speak and what are they?
Are you a touchy feely person?
Do you take showers in the morning or at night more?
Do you trust easily?
Do you have any phobias?
Are you a heavy or light sleeper?
Are you a morning person?
Ever had surgery? If yes, for what reason?
Ever come close to death?
Ever broken any bones?

800 Questions To Ask A Girl

When you die, would you rather be burried or cremated?
Do you play any instruments? If so, what?
Have you been told you can sing well more than once?
3 physical features you get complimented on a lot?
Name your least favorite feature?
Name the clothing store you shop at the most?

Personal Questions To Ask A Girl

What is your religion or do you not really have one?
Ever been cheated on?

Ever had a one night stand? If so, how many and do you regret any of them?
Current friend that you have known the longest?
Name someone you can tell just about anything to?
Where were you born?
Do any of your close friends have children?
Are any of them married?
Have you ever taken any anti-depressants or anxiety medication?
Ever seen a therapist?
Did/do you transfer schools a lot?
Favorite animal to have as a pet?
How many floors does your home have?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
Do you live in a neighborhood or in the middle of nowhere?

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